Profits from Dinner at the Movies:

The Benefits of Expanding Concession Food Offerings


Dinner at the Movies: The Benefits of Expanding Concession Food OfferingsIt can be tough to churn a profit as a movie theater. Streaming services like Netflix and movies on demand are keeping people from leaving home. Even when you do get customers through the door, profit margins on ticket sales are razor thin.

For most cinemas, concessions are a vital component of the theatre business that helps supplement and drive additional sales. Popcorn and candy are almost synonymous with the movie going experience, but surly there are benefits to an expanded menu offering. From hot prepared appetizers to full blown fast casual menus, movie theaters are starting to see the benefits of offering more than just popcorn.

Adding an expanded food menu can often seem like a big undertaking due to the complexities of installation and implementation. But with a well thought out action plan, any size operation can be outfitted for food service. When done right, prepared food can supply a huge stream of revenue for a cinema. Of course there are some factors to consider before implementing a food service strategy and promoting your new food menu. Today we will look at those factors and discuss the benefits versus the costs.  To read more on how you can add a food program to your business, fill out the short form to access your free download.